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The spacious combustion chamber and air heater duct can contribute to a stable high thermal efficiency (86 to 88%) by the automatic operation even under the wide range of boiler load.
Employing a steam atomizing burner, the boiler can continuously operate long hours with 10 to 100% automatic control.
The boiler has Automatic Control Device which can follow the sudden change of boiler load and the system that fuel flow calves are automatically shut down in case of flame failure, low water level, steam pressure drop, tripping of forced draft fan, low oil temperature and so on.
The Automatic Control save labor cost with Electric Proportional Control System. Its auxiliary equipment are centralized in the form of compact at the boiler front.
The boiler and its auxiliary equipment are all designed in the form of compact and as such smaller be the boiler square and also light weight by tangential skin casing makes unnecessary strong foundation.
The boiler has been reasonably designed to have an enough strength and its proper has a tangential skin casing of simple construction without any place vulnerable to corrosion and to be likely to cause burns, thus can elongate durability.
Tube cleaner can completely clean the tube inside while the outside can be cleaned by operating the soot blower during boiler operation and when the boiler is out of operation, water cleaning can be carried out, making possible the long and high efficiency operation.
Air preheating system installed in this boiler designed for both air preheating and noise proof can raise not only an efficiency but also prevent noise.
Burning low quality oil with high efficiency can reduce fuel cost and, what is better, mechanical cleaning of the tubes is possible, thus making maintenance fee much less and unit price of steam also cheaper.
At the request of customers, it is feasible to use a variety of Liquid fuel (A 〜C heavy oil, light oil, waste oil etc.), Gaseous fuel(LNG, LPG, City gas, H2 Gas, Biogas, Waste gas from a Plant etc.) fuel with mono or mixed-fuel burning system.


TYPE HDN-15 HDN-20 HDN-25 HDN-30 HDN-40 HDN-50 HDN-60
Heating Surface 208 279 339 419 563 646 815
Evaporated Output M.C.R. kg/h 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 60,000
Normal Operation kg/h 12,000 16,000 20,000 24,000 32,000 40,000 50,000
Heavy Oil Consumption (M.C.R.) kg/h 1,120 1,494 1,867.5 2,241 2,988 3,735 4,482
Diameter of main steam stop valve mmφ 200 250 250 250 300 250x2 250x2
Diameter of feed water stop valve mmφ 65 65 80 80 80 100 125
Diameter of blow off valve mmφ 40 40 40 40 50 50 50
Dimension for Installation Boiler Max. Height mm(H) 4,868 5,347 5,497 5,847 6,547 6,297 7,697
Upper drum center level mm(H') 3,500 3,750 3,900 4,250 4,800 4,700 6,100
Boiler Front Width mm(W) 3,165 3,690 3,790 4,120 4,730 4,890 5,760
Boiler length mm(L) 4,313 4,541 4,769 4,921 6,350 7,050 8,200
Boiler Net Weight kg 24,500 28,500 31,000 36,600 67,000 103,000 162,000
Boiler Weight with Full Water kg 32,670 37,640 41,030 47,730 82,000 121,000 195,000
  • 1. The above-mentioned diameter of each valves are calculated based on Normal Working Pressure: 0.59~0.98 MPa.
  • 2. Maximum working pressure of standard products is 0.98MPa, but at customer’s request, production can extend to 9.8MPa.
  • 3. Fuel consumption listed above is calculated based on low calorific value: 40.8MJ/kg and feed water temperature: 20℃.
  • 4. Heavy oil or city gas can be used as fuel.
  • 5. The above size is subject to change more or less as it is approximate.
  • 6. Combustion air rate shall be below 1.2.
  • 7. If you need further requests, please contact us.


HDN-Type Boiler consists of boiler proper constructed by two large diameter drums connected by vertical tubes and on its side the spacious combustion chamber with totally radiation tangential skin casing construction. The side and rear walls have fin tubes totally welded to ideally construct a pressurized combustion preventing the gas leakage.
Convection part is made in crossflow staggered arrangement which can soundly absorb heat, and cleaning can be done with soot blower even during operation, while tube cleaning can be done during the rest.
Utilizing the gas duct, heat can be recovered and air it preheated for combustion.
Boiler outer surface is forcefully cooled by air running parallel between gas duct and outer wall.
The down comer tubes at the lowest temperature portions are separated from the up comer tube wall by installing baffle plates inside the drum without any obstacle to boiler water circulation.
All auxiliary equipment except heavy oil service tank, feed water tank and softner are compactly arranged at the boiler front.

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