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Water Tube Solid Fuel Firing Boilers

A boiler that can select a burning system depending on the fuel, including coal, waste wood, rubber, bagasse, palm oil and rice husks.

Water Tube Package Boilers

A package boiler that has a convection heat transfer part, connecting a vertical water tube to the upper and lower drums, and a combustion chamber covered with full radiation water tube walls.

Boiler installed as a heat source in the power plant, industrial mills or various including buildings and hospitals are generally required to maintain 24 hour continuous operation without any trouble and also they must hold responsible for durability and safety enough to withstand damage caused by heat corrosion and water quality.

YOSHIMINE BOILER can satisfy not only these conditions but also pollution regulation performing high efficiency by employing various technologies.

Fuel is available to Gas fuels such as LNG, LPG and City gas, Liquid fuels such as Heavy oil and Light oil and Solid fuels such as Coal, Wood chip and Biomass by selection of each suitable burner or combustion equipment.

And for requirement of the Waste heat recovery boiler which can generates steam by recycle of high temperature exhaust gas, which is discharged from the industrial process or the incinerators, YOSHIMINE can be confident to chose and recommend the adequate type of waste heat recovery boiler to each customer according to our skill and experience developed for many years.

Your good understanding and favorable response leading to order for YOSHIMINE BOILER taking full advantage of the merits of water tube boiler should be highly appreciated.

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